I’m Not Dead!

Happy Easter!

It’s been ages since my last post and I think I’m past due to update this blog once again.  My life has taken some unexpected turns and I’ve been without Internet at my place since last October.  Since moving to Taiwan in September of 2011 I have fallen in love with this amazing country and have decided to stay indefinitely.  I’m not sure at this moment how long I will be living in here, but I am sure a part of me will now always think of Taiwan as one of my homes.

Holding a coconut at the southern tip of Taiwan in Kenting.

Holding a coconut at the southern tip of Taiwan in Kenting.

In October I said goodbye to my “family”, friends, and coworkers in Kaohsiung and moved all of my possessions to my new apartment in Danshui (AKA Tamsui), New Taipei City.  The apartment hasn’t been lived in for possibly three years so a lot of work has been going into cleaning it up.  I decided not to set up the Internet here until I knew for sure that I was staying.  My sister came to visit and for the last few weeks of October we travelled around the country together.  I returned to Canada for the month of November to visit friends and family and to welcome the new addition to the family, my beautiful, chubby niece.  Since I returned to Taiwan on December 1st, I had been searching for a job teaching English in and around Taipei.  I have discovered that the job market here is much more competitive than that in Kaohsiung and I struggled to find a job that is suitable for my needs.  Also, I discovered that the time just before Chinese New Year is perhaps one of the worst times of the year to be seeking employment.  However, a few weeks ago I accepted a job that isn’t perfect but will pay the bills and enable me to stay in Taiwan with a new ARC (alien residency certificate).  So far I am only teaching one class but more will come in the near future.  Despite working so few hours I am thoroughly enjoying my class and working with a fun group of people.


I live here!

I live here!

Although my savings have been depressingly depleted and I received so few responses to the many resumes I sent out since December, I have been keeping busy by gathering info and taking many photos and videos while travelling and exploring around the country.  Danshui is a quiet district on the outskirts of New Taipei City, which I find is a great environment to encourage exploration and creativity.  Once I receive my first pay cheque  the first order of business is to set up the Internet and start sharing this beautiful country with you again.



One thought on “I’m Not Dead!

  1. Happy Easter Tyson !!! It nice to hear you enjoy it there. It’s great to hear from you. Love from Auntie Liz & Uncle John..

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