20-Something Thoughts

Last Friday was my 29th birthday!

Surprise Birthday Hug Attack! I never saw it coming.  There was no chance of escaping it.

Surprise Birthday Hug Attack! I never saw it coming. There was no chance of escaping it.

This is my final year before I leave the 20-somethings behind for good.  After my students threw a surprise birthday party for me, my boyfriend and I spent the evening watching Edge of Tomorrow in Vieshow Gold Class.  The rest of the weekend was spent with some amazing people in Kaohsiung.

Birthday brunch at K Town Diner in Kaohsiung

Birthday brunch at K Town Diner in Kaohsiung

It was a perfect way to say goodbye to one of the best years of my life.  As a veteran 20-something, I would like to share 20-something thoughts I’ve picked up in the last twenty-nine years.

1. My birthdays are becoming less important to me.  Yet I still make sure everyone knows it’s coming weeks in advance.  If I didn’t tell anyone, then things like this wouldn’t happen:

2. Life flies by too quickly when I’m not experiencing something new on a regular basis.
3. The life I had planned for myself years ago is nothing like the life I have made for myself.
4. My life is so much more rewarding and exciting than I imagined it could be.
5. Love happens in the most unexpected places and at the most unexpected times.  I needed to be willing to take a risk jumping into the unknown.
6. Learning a language has never been easy for me but starting to learn a very difficult language at the age of 28 really sucks.
7. It’s impossible for me to plan my life out.  I change my plans every day.
8. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
9. Sometimes I feel like I need to get more education.
10. I worry that every year I wait to get more education or change my career path that I’m making it more difficult for me to actually successfully do it.
11. Living in another country for the last few years has made me much more patient with people who I don’t understand.
12. Living in another country for the last few years has made me much more aware of how messed up this world is and how little we care or understand the world outside of our own borders.
13. Living in another country that speaks limited English has made me an expert at charades.
14. My relationship with my family hasn’t always been healthy or easy, but it has definitely been worth the time and energy we spent on growing closer together.
15. I have discovered that not only time can heal wounds.  Distance also helps.
16. The best and most memorable moments in life are those that are shared with loved ones.
17. If you don’t use it, you will lose it.  I’ve discovered that not all skills can be as easily recovered as riding a bike.
18. Creativity doesn’t seem to come as naturally to me.  Is it too late for me to strengthen these atrophied muscles?
19. Speaking of muscles, where did mine go?
20. I’ve become much more selective about who I keep in my inner circle of friends.
21. Making friends has somehow become more difficult as I get older.  Either that or I have become more interested in keeping the friends I have rather than making new ones.
22. It’s important to have people in your life who inspire you, correct you, and share their experiences and wisdom with you.
23. Make friends with people who are different than you.  They can reveal the most important things you need to learn about yourself.
24. Make friends with older generations.  They are the coolest people on the planet.
25. Much of the advice or words of wisdom I gave over the last decade I now consider to be mostly just poop.  Someday I’ll read this and most likely wonder how I could post such drivel.
26. Most 20-somethings probably won’t have the attention span to read this far.  I probably would have just looked at the pictures and then moved on to something else.
27. When I was a kid, I decided 27 would be the perfect age.  Possibly because I thought actors at that time who were 27 were attractive.  I spent much of my life looking forward to being 27 years old.  It turned out to be one the most difficult years to endure.
28. I will miss being 28.  It was a phenomenal year!
29. I’m sure 29 will be amazing, but I can’t wait to be in my 30s.  If the last decade has taught me anything, it’s that life is full of unexpected opportunities.  If you really do want to make a change in your life you just have to be ready to take those opportunities, even if you aren’t sure what the outcome will be.  I’m going to try to make the next decade as exciting and memorable as the last.

Here's hoping I stay looking as young and beautiful forever.

Here’s hoping I stay looking as young and beautiful forever.


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